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The China Initiative at UPR

China InitiativeThe China Initiative at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Río Piedras Campus is a special program designed to offer Chinese students a first class education at an affordable cost.  Students admitted to this program will have the opportunity to study in their area of interest while refining their English language skills, learning the Spanish language and immersing themselves in the language, culture and history of Puerto Rico. This experience can serve as a foundation for further study of the literatures, histories and contemporary issues facing Latin America and the Caribbean. The UPR is ideally situated to offer this educational experience because of its location in the Caribbean and shared history with Latin America. Because Puerto Rico is part of the United States, students can travel freely between the  island and the continental U.S.A.

UPR is a public university system made up of eleven campuses distributed throughout the island.  Each campus is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, which means that degrees from our institution are recognized by US graduate schools.

Since 1903, the University of Puerto Rico has been offering and expanding excellent post secondary school programs in diverse areas of study.  The Río Piedras Campus presently offers 76 undergraduate specializations as well as two interdisciplinary degrees.  We also offer 58 master’s and 14 doctoral programs.  We are ranked by the Carnegie Foundation as a Doctoral II institution with high research activity. We also offer a full spectrum of extra curricular activities such as sports, music and drama. 

The students from China will strengthen our internationalization program and help diversify our student body.  This diversification is fundamental to our efforts to promote scholarly exchanges and forge international friendships. With this program, UPR and Puerto Rico will also begin to explore and develop opportunities for mutually beneficial economic, cultural and intellectual ties to China.

Inquiries can be sent to:

Dr. Xiaoming Zou xzou2000@yahoo.com
Ms. Zi Ye 66leaf@sina.com

Program Benefits:


1.  Waiver of application fee.

2.  Current resident tuition fee plus annual maintenance and medical insurance fees. For specific academic year costs, go to http://estudiantes.upr.edu.

3.  Academic instruction in both Spanish and English through:

    a.  a first year general education program of courses in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, all offered in English during the first semester with a transition to Spanish by the end of the first year;
    b.  a specially designed intensive course in Spanish with a strong immersion experience in Puerto Rican culture;
    c.  periodic field trips to places of historical interest in Puerto Rico;

4.  academic support systems designed to enhance student success, including mentoring by Chinese professors and graduate students working throughout UPR, and networking with other members of the Chinese community in Puerto Rico;

5  affordable housing on or near Campus.

    a.  Torre Norte University Residence a 22 floor building in front of the main entrance to the Rio Piedras Campus.  It has twelve single rooms and 10 double rooms per floor.  Rooms are equipped with single bed, desk, mirror, washbasin and closet.  Each floor has common areas comprising bathrooms, meeting rooms and a kitchen with a stove, microwave oven and kitchen sink.  For pictures go to:  http://vivienda.uprrp.edu/tn/001.html.  For information regarding costs and availability send email to:  jlmarrero@uprrp.edu.

    b.  The Housing Office at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus provides information regarding available private lodging near the university.  For information go to:  jlmarrero@uprrp.edu.


    c.  Plaza Universitaria: a new private residential complex consisting of three dormitory buildings in front of the main entrance to the Rio Piedras Campus. This facility offers single and double rooms which include  bed(s), desk, complete bathroom, microwave oven, and small refrigerator. The common areas include a kitchen, study rooms and entertainment areas. For information regarding costs and availability write to: plazauniversitaria@yahoo.com


China Initiative

How to apply Admission to U.P.R.

Admission to the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) depends upon Chinese university entrance examination (CEE) scores, High School grade point average (GPA), rank on the CEE exams by province, and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).



    1. Ranked in the top 15% of those taking the CEE in your province.

    2 A minimum GPA of 3.0 from an accredited PRC high school.

    3. A minimum score of 70 on the TOEFL exam.




UPR begins accepting applications for the 2009-2010 academic year on October 1, 2008.  The application process runs from October to January 31, 2009,  you have until June 30, 2009 to submit all the required documentation.


1.  To apply click on the link and complete the online application by January 31, 2009.  Be sure to write your name exactly as it appears on your passport.  Remember to print a copy of the application form for your records.

2. To register for the TOEFL test, go to: toefl.etest.net.cn/cn   Be sure to request that the results of the test be sent to the University of Puerto Rico (Río Piedras Campus).

3.  Send official high school transcript in Chinese with an English translation. Both must have the official red seal.

a.  if you have not graduated, submit partial official transcript and the final official transcript as soon as possible

                        b.  if you have already graduated, submit final official transcript

4.  Send official scores of the CEE test taken in your province in both original and

            English translation to Ms. Zoraida Calo (address below).


AN ADMISSIONS DECISION CANNOT BE MADE UNLESS ALL DOCUMENTS (final official transcript, the English translation of the transcript, High School diploma and Certificate of Graduation—all stamped with the red seal) ARE SENT BY JUNE 30, 2009 to:


Mrs. Zoraida Calo, Associate Director
Admissions Office
China Initiative for PRC Students
University of Puerto Rico
Rio Piedras Campus
P.O. Box 21907
San Juan, PR 00931-1907 USA


Keep copies of all documents submitted to the UPR for your US Embassy visa interview.           

* NOTE – Applicants do not need to hire an agent to process their applications.


China Initiative UPRVisa Requirements:


Once admitted, the student will need a certificate of deposit from his/her bank or an affidavit and certificate of deposit from a sponsor in order to complete the I-20 Eligibility Certificate.  After these financial statements have been validated by the University of Puerto Rico, the student will receive an e-mail informing him/her that the I-20 Eligibility Certificate has been processed.  The student should immediately call for an appointment with the U.S. Embassy to expedite the visa process.  The I-20 Eligibility Certificate will be sent by mail for presentation at the U.S. Embassy visa interview.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance to supply on your application a clear and complete address for receiving this indispensable document.  The student will also be required to pay the US$100.00 fee without which the U.S. Embassy will not issue an appointment.  The U.S. Embassy requires original UPR admissions letter for your interview.  For more detailed information on this process go to:  http://www.ice.gov/sevis/i90/faq4.htm. Threfore to complete your application and prepare your I-20 forms, the following documentation is required:

a.  An official letter from your bank certifying the number and balance of your account during the past three months.  The minimum amount required is $18,000, plus $3,000 for each dependent.


b.  If you do not have the required balance in your account,  you may present a  legally notarized  sworn statement from a sponsor who does.  The sworn statement should include the number of the sponsor’s bank account, the name of the bank and the certified balance made available to you while you are pursuing your education at the University of Puerto Rico.


c.  The legally notarized sworn statement described in (b) must be accompanied by an official letter from the bank in question certifying that the information in the sworn statement is correct.  Therefore, the letter from the bank must confirm the name of the person, the number of the account and the balance specified in the statement.


You must send the original documents by mail as soon as possible so your I-20 can be processed promptly.  You need the I-20 for your  US Embassy interview.  To accelerate the process, you can FAX the documents to  787-763-5733 .  Always retain copies of all these documents for your interview with the U.S. Embassy.  Classes begin at UPR in August.




IMPORTANT:  To make the transition to your College of choice, you must be able to take your courses in Spanish from you second year on.  The great majority, if not all, of the courses in your major will be in Spanish.  Therefore, Spanish proficiency by the end of the first year will be required.  Support services will be provided for extra Spanish instruction through the Center for Linguistic Competencies; it is the students’ responsibilty to request these services. Also Specially designed spanish as a second language courses will be offered.


College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration offers the following Degrees:

Bachelor of Office Systems Management with majors in Office Systems Management and Office Management.

Bachelor of Business Administration specializing in: Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Economics, Finance, General Program, Human Resources Management, Marketing Management, Production and Operation’s Management, and Statistics.

Master of Business Administration specializing in: Accounting, General Program, Managerial Economics, Finance (Trade Finance or Currency and Banking), Management, Marketing, Quantitative Methods, Insurance and Business, and International Trade.

Doctor of Philosophy: Finance and International Trade.

Joint degree in Law and Master of Business Administration with major in Finance.


The College of Business Administration promotes the internationalization of its curricula through its International Business Educational Center  (IBEC).  The Center pursues the following outcomes: to enrich the two undergraduate international business majors; to enrich the graduate international business major; to involve Faculty members in export oriented enterprises; to promote a global mentality and international interest within our society society and to strengthen an export oriented culture in collaboration with the private sector and professional associations.


College of General Studies

The College of General Studies offers a four year program of studies leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studies. This program  is designed for students interested in a flexible, interdisciplinary program integrating diverse fields of study in the natural and social sciences as well as in the humanities.  The program’s flexibility regarding electives allows students to structure their own fields of study. In addition, students can opt for a second area of emphasis in pre-law; economic, social, and political planning; and/or gender studies. Graduation requirements include a senior essay based on a research project.


The College of General Studies also offers an articulated program in Engineering with the Mayaguez Campus of the University of Puerto Rico. Students interested in this area of study can apply for admission to the College of General Studies of the Rio Piedras Campus and after completing the general education courses can transfer to the Mayaguez Campus to complete their academic program in electrical, mechanical, or computer Engineering.


College of Natural Sciences


The College of Natural Sciences offers the following degrees:

Bachelor of Science in Biology, (two new  majors:  Integrative Biology and Celular and Molecular Biology).  Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences,  Physics and  Mathematics;  (three new majors: Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Computational Mathematics and Discrete Mathematics). 

Masters and Doctoral degrees in Celular and Molecular Biology,Neuroscience, Ecology,Evolutionary Genetics, Chemical Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


The College of Natural Sciences has been distinguished for offering our students a high-quality education. Comprised of well known local and international scholars, this College has been recognized locally and internationally for their  achievements of its faculty in their respective areas of study.

The biology, physics and mathematics programs include among their staff Chinese scholars and researchers like the renowned biologist and researcher  Dr. Xioming Zou and the renowned mathematicians Dr. Guihgua Gong and Dr. Lianquing Li,  who serve as mentors for our international students. A group of Chinese students presently studying at the College will provide guidance and orientation for incoming Chinese students .


Students admitted at the College of Natural Sciences can do research in their areas of  interest at the Institute for Tropical Ecosystem Studies(ITES), the Agricultural Experimental Station, the  Botanical Garden, the Center for Applied Tropical Ecology and Conservation (CREST-CATEC), the  Tropical Community Ecology Laboratory, and the Center for Nanoscale Materials, all  part of the College of Natural Sciences.


College of Humanities


The College of Humanities offers many programs of study:

Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Fine Arts, Comparative Literature, Drama, English, European History, French, Hispanic Studies, History of the Americas, Interdisciplinary Studies, Language and Speech (English), Modern Languages, Music, and Philosophy.

Master of Arts degrees in  Comparative Literature, English, Hispanic Studies, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Translation.

Doctoral degrees in the Languages and Literataures of the Anglo-Caribbean, Hispanic Studies and History.


The College of Humanities has several research centers such as the Federico de Onis Hispanic Studies Seminar, the Historical Research Seminar  and the José Emilio González Multidisciplinary Seminar. The College also has libraries specialized in Fine Arts, Philosophy, Music and English .Students have access to language, photography and digital and electronic music laboratories and to  computer rooms with PC and Mac computers for the use of students and professors. Students and professors can exhibit their art work at the Francisco Oller Art Gallery, which is part of the College of Humanities.


In tune with the new developments in art education, the B.A. in Fine Arts offers a new area of emphasis in Art and Technology. Students admitted to this program will take fifteen credits in courses such as Digital Imaging, Digital Video, Digital sound art and Multimedia.

College of Education

Inquiries related to:

Visa: Ms. Lillian Nieves

Office for International Exchange Students

FAX# 787-763-5733

Email: inieves@uprrp.edu

Admissions: Mrs. Zoraida Calo, Admission Office

Email: zorcalo@hotmail.com

FAX: (787) 764-3680

Others: Denise López Mazzeo, Coordinator

Email: dlopez_mazzeo@yahoo.com

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